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Maternity Benefit Policy

Version Date: November 5, 2022


Article I


Section 1.1. This policy paper provides guidelines on the Maternity Benefit Policy of HPPCOOP.


Article II


Section 2.1. As part of its Gender and Development initiative and to help members recover and adjust financially after giving birth.


Article III


Section 3.1. This benefit is exclusive to women members of HPPCOOP who are MIGS (Member in Good Standing) and who have just given birth.

Section 3.2. Women members who had a miscarriage or stillbirth are also eligible.


Article IV


Section 4.1. HPPCOOP to provide a 3-month relief on loan payments without additional interests and penalties. Loan payments will resume on the 4th month and the maturity date of the loan will be adjusted accordingly.

Example: A 2-year Multipurpose Loan amounting to P100,000.00, with remaining maturity life of 12 months (loan term January 1, 2022 to December 2023). If member gave birth on January 1, 2023 and requested to avail of the maternity benefit, loan payments for January-March 2023 pay periods will be put on hold and will only resume in April 2023. The maturity date of the loan will likewise be adjusted from December 2023 to March 2023.

If the monthly amortization of the loan is P6,495.22, the member will just resume the same amortization up to March 2023 without additional interests and penalties.

Section 4.2. Only loan payments are covered by the Maternity Benefit. All other deductions and requirements (e.g. share capital build-up, etc.), will continue based on existing policies.

Section 4.3. Availment of this benefit is optional. Qualified members prefer to continue their loan payments and not extend their loans may do so.


Article V


 Section 5.1. Qualified members just need to submit a ticket via the HPP.COOP website as follows:

  • Login to hpp.coop and click Submit A Ticket
  • Select ticket Category as Maternity Benefit.
  • Mention in the description “Availing of HPPCOOP Maternity Benefit”.
  • Attach proof of delivery (e.g. hospital receipt, billing, etc.).
  • Once ticket is submitted, the application will be reviewed and forwarded to management for approval.
  • Member will receive a new loan application form specific to maternity relief.
  • Member to sign the new form and attach in the ticket.
  • Upon receipt of the signed maternity relief loan form, coop office will process the application and close the ticket.

Section 5.2. By default, all outstanding loans will be included in the 3-month payment relief unless otherwise specified in the ticket submitted.

Section 5.3. Qualified members must avail of the benefit within 30 days of giving birth.

Section 5.4. Only MIGS (Members In Good Standing) may avail of this benefit.


Article VI


Section 6.1. This policy shall take effect immediately upon publication.


Article VII


Section 7.1. Management may make changes to this policy from time to time to improve its effectiveness.