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HPP Employees Multipurpose Cooperative or HPPEMC is a cooperative for and by employees of IT/BPO Companies in the Philippines such as DXC Technology, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HP Inc, Computer Sciences Corporation, Micro Focus, ITSM Corporation, among others. It was officially registered with the Cooperative Development Authority of the Philippines on August 27, 2014. HPPEMC operates within the mandate of RA9520 or the Philippine Cooperative Code of 2008.
The objective of HPPEMC is to promote thrift among members and create funds in order to grant loans for members’ financial needs. Because although the Company can sometimes help with employees’ financial emergencies, it’s not something that is sustainable. HPPEMC is aimed at enabling employees to help themselves.
If you are an employee of an IT/BPO company in the Philippines, you are qualified to join. Current member companies are indicated in the application form. Other IT/BPO companies not listed may become part of the list by entering into a MOA with HPPCOOP. If your current employer is not listed, you may select "Others - IT/BPO Employee". Dependents of members may also join by selecting "Others - Dependents".
  1. Just fill up and submit your application form
  2. Pay a one-time membership fee of P200.00
  3. Pay up your initial share capital of P1,000.00
  4. Commit to a monthly share capital build-up of at least P500.00 
All IT/BPO companies in the Philippines may become a Member Company of HPPEMC. Just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us for more info.
The primary purpose of a cooperative is service to its members. The law mandates that most of the surplus be distributed to members in the form of dividends and patronage refund. Although HPPEMC's return on investment can rival other investment instruments, as in any business, ROI cannot be guaranteed.
Share capital contributions earn dividends based on the performance of the cooperative. Regular Savings and Time Deposit Accounts earn interests higher than most commercial banks. Earnings are also tax-free.
Once an employee resigns, he/she can also resign from the cooperative. Resigning member just need to fill up and submit the Termination/Associate Membership Form that's available in the Member's Area of the website. Once submitted and cleared, all his/her Share Capital contributions and Savings Deposits will be returned. He/she will also be entitled to pro-rated Dividends and Patronage Refund but they will be given after the close of the current financial reporting year. Any outstanding loans from the Coop will also become due and demandable. If a member is resigning from the company but would like to continue as an HPPEMC member, he/she can continue as Associate Member by indicating in the Termination/Associate Membership Form.
Any Regular Member of HPPEMC can be a co-maker subject to the Credit Policy. A member can only be co-maker of up to a maximum of 3 outstanding loans at a time.
The cooperative has various loan products with different interest rates depending on the type of loan. Please refer to Loan Products.
Yes. All remaining interest will be waived. The borrower just need to pay a pre-termination fee of 3% based on the outstanding balance of the loan.
Share Capital is mandatory and is your stock ownership in the cooperative. It earns dividends. You can only withdraw your Share Capital when you resign from the cooperative. Savings Deposit on the other hand, is optional and can be withdrawn anytime. It earns interest.
Yes. Monthly Capital Build-Up and Saving Deposit can be changed anytime. Just send email to the coop admin. Just note that minimum capital build-up is P500.00. Savings Deposit is optional and has no minimum.
MBF stands for Members Benefit Fund and is assessed at P50/month/member. MBF is primarily used for members' raffles (e.g. General Assembly Raffle, Christmas Raffle, Anniversary Raffle, etc.). Each P50 MBF is equivalent to one (1) raffle ticket. Thus, a member may only have a maximum of 12 tickets per year.

Although MBF is primarily used for HPPEMC raffles, it may also be used for other member benefits the Board of Directors may decide depending on what the general memberhip current needs like insurance, member assistance, etc. MBF is mandatory for Regular Members and is optional for Associate Members. Associate Members wanting to join HPPEMC raffles may do so by informing the coop admin to activate their MBF Contribution.
1. Upon completion of external audit as required by the CDA, the Net Surplus is allocated between General Reserves and Surplus Available for Distribution.
2. The Surplus Available for Distribution is then divided into Dividends and Patronage Refund. The Board of Directors decides what percentage of the Surplus Available for Distribution goes to Dividends and what percentage goes to Patronage Refund.
Dividends = 70% of Surplus Available for Distribution
Patronage Refund = 30% of Surplus Available for Distribution
1. Compute for the Total Share Months by adding the monthly balances of each member's share capital from January to December.
2. Compute for the Average Share Capital of each member by dividing his/her Total Share Months by 12.
3. Compute for the Total Average Share Capital by adding the Average Share Capital of all members.
4. The Dividend Rate is then computed by dividing the Surplus Available for Distribution as Dividends by the Total Average Share Capital.
5. To get the Dividend Payout for each member, multiply the member's Average Share Capital by the Dividend Rate.
1. Compute for the Patronage Refund Rate by dividing the Surplus Available for Distribution as Patronage Refund by the Interest Income from Loans.
2. Patronage Refund Payout to each member is computed by multiplying the Total Amount of Interest Paid by the Patronage Refund Rate.
Click here for an illustration of Dividends and Patronage Refund computation.

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