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St. Peter Plan Availment Process



One of the most avoided, if not neglected, topics in life is the eventual loss of a loved one. But when it happens, things immediately turn into chaos - lots of decisions to make, lots of preparations to do, lots of expenses to settle, etc.

The ideal situation for everyone is to have a memorial life plan. But as we all know, that is not the case. Thus, our cooperative has come up with the HPP Life Plan.

HPP has purchased several St Peter Life Plans that members and their dependents can use "when the time comes". As commonly known, the "at-need" cost of a memorial service is up to 3x more expensive than its "pre-need" equivalent. So to help members who had an untimely death in the family, HPP can "lend" one of its St Peter Packages. The member only need to replace it with the same St Peter Package which he/she can buy at "pre-need" cost. This is to make sure we have a ready inventory of life plans in case other members would need one.

How to Avail:

  1. Call (0917-7071728 / 02-9754087) or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) the coop and inform that you would like to avail of the HPP Life Plan.
  2. HPP will get from St. Peter Chapels the current PRE-NEED price of a St. George Plan.
  3. HPP will send you the pre-need cost.
  4. Once decided to avail, pay HPP directly the pre-need cost of St. George Plan.
  5. HPP to transfer an existing St. George Plan to you.
  6. HPP to inform St. Peter Chapels to get in touch with you for details of the services.
  7. St. Peter Chapels will take over from here and can commence the services even while you process the peperwork.

Sample cost comparison of a St. George Plan (Pre-Need vs At-Need) as of Nov 2019.


St George Plan

Pre-Need Cost

St George Plan

At-Need Cost 

Contract Price

 P 43,400.00  P 90,000.00


St. George Plan Inclusions

  • Wood Casket, Single Top (Split Lid Cover), Full glass, Elegant interiors, corners and handles
  • Four (4) days viewing period in accredit chapels (if available) or at home


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