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A Brief History


Early Beginnings

A small group of Hewlett-Packard employees led by Mr. Val Hilario began the effort of putting up a cooperative to help employees with their financial needs particularly during emergencies. Although the HP management was supportive, some questions were raised to ensure alignment with HP Values. Questions around conflict of interest, governance structure, and the day-to-day operations of the cooperative were raised. As cooperatives are regulated professional organizations through Republic Act 9520 or the Philippine Cooperative Code of 2008, most of these early concerns were addressed.

The biggest hurdle of the group was around salary deductions. Unlike most employers in the Philippines that allow employee cooperatives to link to the company payroll system, HP does not allow any non-company transactions in its payroll system.

The proponents virtually hit a blank wall. But knowing the benefits it will bring to employees, they pursued. The search for solution continued. The team reached out to different employee cooperatives in the Philippines as well as within HP globally. Unfortunately, the results were negative. All employee cooperatives surveyed employ linkage to the company’s payroll system. 


Finding a Solution

The opportunity came in November of 2012 when management suggested to explore a partnership with the Bank of the Philippine Islands. After several meetings with BPI, a possible solution was presented by BPI representatives in early 2013. The solution proposed was Elink which allows automatic deductions from employee ATM accounts outside of HP’s payroll system. 


Go Signal

Finally in March 2013, management having no more issues, the proponents were formally given the go signal to begin the cooperative registration process.



The Founding Members. On June 22, 2013, the founding members of HPPECC attended the required Pre-Membership Education Seminar given by the Cooperative Development Office of Taguig. HPPECC having limited funds, the training was sponsored by the Coca-Cola Export Employees Cooperative (CCEECO). Seated from left: Homer Cipriano (Taguig CDO), Marlon Ganan (Taguig CDO), Luis Miranda (Head of Taguig CDO), Val Hilario, Mon Visey (GM of CCEECO), Rudy Contreras (Taguig CDO). Second row from left: Eugene Teves, Simon Villalon, Ruby Serdena (CCEECO), Sherry Rodulfo, Aloha Cruz, Gracie Jimenez, Pia Hamoy, Sal Mateo, Ela Mangubat, Jay Calma, Led Mangubat, Anna Mae Angeles. Third row from left: Jody Salas, Bonna Suerte, Kookie dela Cruz, Dune Akiate, Roji Nulud, Mike Nicolas.



The HPP Employees Credit Cooperative was Born

And so, on Aug 27, 2014, with 20 founding members, and an initial capitalization of P64,000.00, the HPP Employees Credit Cooperative was born.

Early Operations

The remaining months of 2014 were mostly spent on setting up the BPI Elink System as well as in complying with all government requirements like BIR, Barangay Clearance, Mayor’s Permit, and SSS Registration, among others.

The very first coop payroll deduction using Elink happened on December 10, 2014 with 25 pilot members. 


Employee #1: Janet Abrigo hired as Admin Assistant.

HP provided HPPECC with an office at Grand Canyon Room, 2F Three World Square, McKinley Hill, Taguig City.

The very first Genral Assembly of HPPECC was held on March 30, 2015 at Training Room 11, 3F Intellctual Property Centre, Mckinley Hill, Taguig City.

Trivia: During it's 1st Annual General Assembly, having little funds, HPPECC served nothing but Sky Flakes and Coke sponsored by the Coca-Cola Export Employees Cooperative. But even with limited funds, HPPECC still managed to have a raffle, giving away Coke Solo 12-Packs (also sponsored by CCEECO) as minor prizes and an HP Slate7 as the major prize. Today, this tradition continues. And with raffle prizes getting bigger each year, members are looking forward to the Annual General Assembly raffle.

HPPECC Facebook page was launched.

Implemented Citrus Accounting Software for Cooperatives.

HPPECC website launched.

HPPECC became a dealer of HP products.

Asset grew to P6.5M.


Increased Authorized Capitalization from P1M to P10M.

Membership to NATCCO (National Confederation of Cooperatives).

HPPECC reached 500 members.

Introduction of Damayan Fund.

Introduction of Investment Reserve Fund.

Moved to a bigger office (Nakpil Room, 3F Two World Square) to cater to growing operations.

Asset grew to P20M.


HPPECC expanded to ETON Centris.

HPPECC acquired two (2) condominium units at Avida Serin Tagaytay.

HPPECC reached 1,000 members.

Membership to COUNTPA (Cooperative Union of Taguig and Pateros).

HPPECC wins CDA-MEO Gawad Parangal “Moving-Up” Award.

Upgraded accounting software to eKoopbanker.

SM Gift Checks released to members as part of member benefit (P500 for >1 year tenure, P200 for <1 year tenure).

Asset grew to P41M.


Launch the HPP Vacation Home in Tagaytay with online reservation system.

Launched the HPP Mobile App for Android phones.

Launched the Online Membership Application Form.

Launched of Online Petty Cash Loan Application.

HPPECC receives CDA-MEO Gawad Parangal Special Recognition Award.

HPPECC receives Taguig Coop Spirit Award for "Significant Increase in Networth".

Cash Gifts released to members as part of member benefit (P200/year tenure).

Tools for Schools Programs

Launch of HPP Cafe for catering services to members.

Launched the LEARN Session aimed at helping members "Learn to EARN" through livelihood seminars and workshops.

Launched Member Ads where members can post ads for free.


Increased Capitalization from P10M to P100M.

HPPECC becomes HPPEMC - from Credit Cooperative to Multipurpose Cooperative.

Other IT/BPO Companies accepted as Associate Members.

Family Members accepted as Associate Members.

Launched HPP HMO Plan thruough the Cooperative Health Management Federation.

Launched Online Birthday Loan Application.

Launched HPP Mart Online.

Launched DXCoffee Plus.

Launched HPP Testimonial Videos.

ANCI (Amazing Nature Care International) Distributorship for herbal stevia products.

Upgraded the HPP website.

Launched the HPP Mobile App for IOS phones.

Gawad Parangal Nominee for best practices and good governance from CDA-MEO.

Best Performing Cooperative Award from City of Taguig.


COVID-19 donation to frontliners.

Provided financial assistance to Taal eruption victims.

Provided financial assistance to Typhoon Ulysses victims.

Launched COVID Loan.

Provided all members with free COVID-19 Insurance.


More IT/BPO companies join HPP, e.g. Planate Management Group, Soga Asia Technologies, and Razza Consulting Group.

Launched Vacc2Normal Loan.

Launched Online Share Capital Loan Application.

Launched Real Estate Loan.


Breached the P100M-Asset mark.

Launched Zero-Interest Hospitalization Loan.

Provided donations to the Ifugao flash flood victims.

Launched the second HPP Vacation Home in Tagaytay, i.e. Serin East

Purchased two parking lots in Serin Tagaytay for members' use.

Bought Baguio property.

Invested in Makati vacant lot.

Introduced new HMO Plans with private and semi-private rooms.

Upgraded back-office system to cloud-based.

Launched the HPP Ticketing System.

Launched New Credit Policy with higher loan limits.


Membership reached 1,800.

Opened Taguig (formerly Makati) rental parking.

Added Net-Head Infotech as Associate Member.

Appointed Reyes Law Offices as official legal firm.

Launched the Baguio Vacation Homes.

Invested in two lots in Summit Point Golf and Country Club.

HPP Cafe expansion to include catering-related services.

Launched the corporate giveaways business through HPP Events.



And the rest, as they say, is history...


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