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Share Capital Loan


  • May be used for any financial needs of the member.


  • Loan Application Form

Loan Entitlement: <= Equity less Share Capital tied to existing loans

Example: Member X has P50,000.00 Share Capital.

Description Balance

Share Capital
Tied To Loan

Loan 1: Share Capital Loan P8,000.00 P8,000.00 For Share Capital Loan, 100% of loan balance is tied to Share Capital.
Loan 2: Educational Loan P25,000.00 P5,000.00 For other loans, 20% of loan balance is tied to Share Capital.
Total P33,000.00 P13,000.00

This means that Member X is entitled to P37,000.00 Share Capital Loan.

Or since maximum outstanding loan a member can have is P100,000.00, Member X can still borrow up to P63,000.00 worth of the coop's regular loans (e.g. Multipurpose Loan, Educational Loan, Hospitalization Loan, etc.).

Loan Ceiling: Equity less Share Capital tied to existing loans
Service Fee: 0.5% of loan or P200.00 whichever is higher.
Retention Fund: None
Maximum Term: 60 months
Diminishing Interest Rate: 16% p.a.
Effective Interest Rate: 0.79% per month
Co-Makers Needed: None
Documentation Requirements: None
Estimated Processing Time: 5 working days from receipt of loan application form.


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