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Start The Year Right!

Start the year right by saving right! Grow your money faster with the Coop's higher interest rates! Did you know that you can earn up to 20x MORE from the Coop vs regular banks? Plus, your interest earnings from the Coop are also TAX-FREE!

Check out the comparative rates below:*

 *Interest rates shown are per annum and may be subject to change. 

Let the Coop help you save for the future. Or more accurately, let the Coop "force" you to save for the future. Our auto-payroll account deduction encourages members to have the discipline and develop the habit of saving. Dahil sa Coop...WHAT YOU DON'T SEE, YOU DON'T SPEND!


  1. Savings Accounts can we withdrawn anytime if needed.
  2. Time Deposit Accounts has a minimum term of 91 days. But there are no pre-termination charges if withdrawn before maturity. Pre-terminated Time Deposits still earn interest equivalent to our Savings Account interest rate (i.e. 1.25%) which is still higher than banks.
  3. You may check our Deposit Account Policy for more information.




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