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HPP COOP Election 2021 Winners

Here are the winners of the HPP COOP Election 2021:

New Board of Directors (2-year term)*

  1. Gerald de Guzman
  2. Kristine de Claro
  3. Joreen Cruz

* They will join the current Board of Directors whose terms end in 2022, namely, Prima Mae Espadon, Annie Samson, Dondon Dionisio, and Ogie Cortezano.


New Audit Committee Members

  1. Mike Nicolas (2-year term)
  2. Daniel Coquinco (2-year term)
  3. Alvin Estrada (1-year term)


New Election Committee Members

  1. Mark Samson (2-year term)
  2. Peter Erispe (2-year term)
  3. Joevy Melegrito (1-year term)


Next step would be for the new set of Board of Directors to meet and elect among themselves the new Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson, as well as appoint members of the following roles/committees:

  • Secretary - 1 position
  • Treasurer - 1 position
  • Education and Training - 3 positions
  • Mediation and Conciliation - 3 positions
  • Ethics Committee - 3 positions
  • GAD Committee - 3 positions
  • Credit Committee - 3 positions
  • Membership Committee - 3 positions
  • Special Projects - 3 positions

If you're interested to volunteer in any of these committees, please feel free to email us at admin@hppcoop.


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